Ghoul’s Gold

T-minus eight hours and you’re still waffling on the costume front (French maid or Jehovah’s Witness?). Keep stalling with our Halloween lexicon.


n. The effect of constantly being startled by the number of revealing costumes surrounding you. (There’s so much cleavage in this room, I’m getting the boo-bies.)

candy rapper
n. The smooth-talking little kid who “trades” with all the other kids for the best loot.

n. The overcoat you inevitably have to wear every year, which totally kills your costume.

monster mesh
n. The effect of too-tight fishnets.

v. When you decide to go as yourself, only sluttier.

vampire weekend
n. The massive 48-hour hangover that comes from attending too many Halloween parties.

veepie crawler
n. One of the hundreds of Sarah Palin/Tina Fey costumes you’ll spot this year.

n. That ho who copied your witch costume.

wicked witch
n. Just a regular witch. In Boston.

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