Bag Attitude

Discontinue your signature four-pocket bagpack and adjustable tote?

Alexandra Cassaniti, that would be sack-religious.

For even considering it, your penance is coming up with five new bag styles in two new hand-worked patterns and developing a neoprene capsule collection that’s as friendly in water as it is on land. Oh, and everything must be manufactured by sweet mom-and-pop factories here in the U.S.

[A short, awkward period of whistling and thumb twiddling passes.]

Holy smokes! You’ve done it! A long pencil bag? A coin purse? A padded laptop case? A buckle-on bike pouch? The Endless Possibilities bag that has, well, endless possibilities?

What’s this? A chic wetsuit separates line? Why, that bralette works as a foundation layer, those leggings were made to strut through snowy days, and that clever beret works as a rain cap.

And it’s all reversible?!

Amen to that.

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