Fairy Potter

Once upon a time in Litchfield County, Connecticut, a young lad named Justin Brandreth Potter helped herd his family’s cows from rolling green pastures to the local dairy farm.

As they meandered over the meadows and through the woods, they passed through a beautiful valley named Nettleton Hollow.

When Potter grew up, he settled in Brooklyn and yearned to fill his home with pieces of nature reminiscent of his outdoorsy upbringing. So he went searching on the Interweb for branches, grasses, fruits, and pods.

But all he found were junky, crafty options from less-than-stellar online shops. So he opened his own, aptly named Nettleton Hollow. Now all the people in the land can order beautiful grapewood branches, cockscombs, and split oranges to decorate their digs.

And liven up their spaces happily ever after.

Available online at nettletonhollow.com.