The Weekend Guide

In honor of Chris Noth’s birthday, go big this weekend.

Pillow Pillow Pillow

What: The entire collection of puppy dog and kitty cat cushions is now available online. The new Litter collection will make you swoon.
Why: They’re a stellar pet project.
Where: Online at pillowpillowpillowshop.com.

The Mint Sculptural Scarf

What: Project-based site Multiple Choice’s latest 1 Thing (in which they sell, you guessed it, one item) is an elegant two-tone scarf with huge ruffles.
Why: It’s minty fresh.
Where: Online at multiplechoiceonline.com.

The Vegetable Box

What: Fourteen little books (organized with veggie-shaped tabs) containing dozens of recipes for all your favorite from-the-ground or off-the-vine foods.
Why: It’s easy bein’ green.
Where: Online at ttmd.com.

Now Play It
Who better to teach you how to play your fave songs than the artists themselves? New online guitar, drum, bass, and piano tutorials offer just that.
Why: It’s your guitar hero.
Where: Online at nowplayit.com.

Choose your grain; add fruit, nuts, chocolate raisins, wasabi peas, etc.; and the snack geniuses will ship the mixture to your doorstep.
Why: It’s in the mix.
Where: Online at mixmygranola.com.