Not Your Average Jo

Last time you played doctor, you had to visit the ER to get a thermometer out of, well, somewhere the sun doesn’t shine (yikes).

Lesson: Leave medical tools to the experts, i.e., genius Dannijo jewelry designers Danielle and Jodie Snyder. The sisters use them to get their intricate creations just right (the former learned wiring from playing in her dad’s medical bag as a kid).

The prognosis is lookin’ good for the girls, whose collection features bold but tasteful — and downright pretty — pieces, all handmade in NYC. Think big layered gold chain necklaces, hand-hammered Byzantine cuffs, and dangly earrings resembling “the whiskers of a French cat.”

Their inspirations include Casablanca, Antoni Gaudí, Audrey Hepburn, and various rock ’n’ roll superstars. Did we mention they even have a super-jazzy necklace named for the great Dolly Parton?

There’s a lady who’s played the patient a time or two.

Available online at dannijo.com.