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Going Ga-Ga

Postbaby, your command of the English language has gone bye-bye.

You forget the name for the thingamajigger that boils water and refer to the father of your child as “Daddy” — to your boss.

Someone’s brain has gone soft. But not as soft as Paigelauren Baby, a new line of onesies, kimono tees, crawlers, rompers, and gowns so snuggly we can describe them only as yummy (and not because it’s the only word that comes to mind).

The cozier-than-a-cocoon Classic Collection (double-layer French terry outside, interlock inside) comes in muted primary colors. The softer-than-a-baby’s-bottom Organic Collection (in honeycomb and fine jersey) is spun from supple sustainable cotton.

Feel free to mix and match. The Classic is trimmed in cream stitching for precisely that reason.

Which makes dressing your butter bean a no-brainer.

Available online at paigelaurenbaby.com.