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One for the Books

Kids learn the art of negotiation early on. Pleeeease, ten more minutes.

Fortunately, they haven’t yet mastered the concept of time. (After two minutes, those ten minutes are up.)

But when they ask for one more story, you can’t say no, even when laundry needs folding.

Buy yourself time with One More Story, an online library of classic, award-winning books. (Think bouncing ball sing-along meets books on tape with original book art.)

Not a video game, cartoon, or movie. Just an honest-to-goodness teaching tool for early readers on the interweb. Started by an elementary school teacher and Sesame Street vet, the site preserves the integrity of each book — adding custom music, narration, and sound effects to the mix.

Instructions are spoken, making it easy for kids (pre-readers through age 8) to use without help. Use the I Can Read mode when they’re ready to get their read on. They’ll probably ask you for five more minutes.

A win-win for everyone.

Available online at onemorestory.com.