Winter Wonderland

Avoid a hairy situation on NYE with an easy DIY updo, courtesy of our favorite hair stylist extraordinaire, Gabriel Hernandez San Emeterio of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

What you’ll need: sculpting putty, clip, shine spray, lots of bobby pins, and hair spray.

step 1Step 1
Work a small amount of sculpting putty through the hair and at the hairline to add grip and minimize flyaways. Gather a V-shaped section of hair in the front and secure with clip. The widest part of this section should be at the hairline, with less in back, hence the V.

step 2

Step 2
Spray hair that is down with a lightweight shine product and pull across the back of head as you would for a side ponytail. Crisscross bobby pins in an upward direction slightly past the middle of the back of the head to secure.

step 3

Step 3
Take remaining hair, spray with shine spray, and pull back toward center of head. Twist/roll this section toward the pinned side. Stick hairpins up and down into roll to hold it in place. Use as many pins as needed for the twist to feel secure. Note: The whole look is effortless, so hair should be a bit undone, not too perfect.

step 4

Step 4
Remove clip from front of hair. Find your natural part — don’t try to force a middle or side part. Smooth out pieces or wave them by wrapping around a curling iron loosely. Let the curl cool, then run fingers through to break up the curl and tousle it a bit. Spray with a flexible hair spray.

Then party like it’s 2009.

Photo Credit: Michael Angelo