Living L'aviva Loca

Welcome aboard L’aviva Home, with stops in Ethiopia, Morocco, and Thailand (to name a few).

Your captain, Laura Aviva (a former Travel + Leisure creative director), has illuminated gorgeous homewares from around the globe in a series of online trunk shows.

In case of interior design emergency, floors may be padded with exquisite Argentine wool runners; seating can be enhanced with unbleached linen cushions from Zimbabwe and vintage hand-spun hemp throw pillows from Europe.

In the event that your rooms need a breath of fresh air, reach for Brazilian cowhide rugs, hand-embroidered Mexican bedspreads, and organic Turkish towels.

If the passengers get restless, delight them with a cup of herbal served in arabesque tea glasses on Michoacán trays.

This completes our flight. We hope you enjoyed the ride.

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