Around the World in Five Questions

Think you’re a jet-setting know-it-all? Fluent in the ways of the world, at ease in every bistro and bazaar? See if you can answer these questions. Without checking the Goog. We’ll post answers tomorrow.

1. Where would locals serve you a lovely meal of brunost and spekemat?

2. Eartha Kitt (may she rest in peace) sang a racy song whose title is the name of a language. What’s the song and where is the language spoken?

3. In which country would it be useful to have a purse full of kips?

4. The last remaining po’ouli live where?

5. Where might you feel the khamsin on your face in April?

1. Brunost (goat’s milk cheese) and spekemat (cured or dried meat) are eaten in Norway.
2. “Waray Waray” is a language spoken in the Philippines.
3. Kip is the currency of Laos.
4. Po’ouli is a rare bird found in Maui, Hawaii.
5. Khamsin is a wind that blows in Egypt in the spring and lasts for about 50 days.