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Belle of the Balls

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We’re back and talking about what everyone really wants on Valentine’s Day. Let’s get past the chocolate-covered strawberries and conversation hearts. Seems like today’s modern gal wants to get her hands on some sweet, sweet balls.

Crunchy ones! This batch comes in from Julie Lê, the rouge-lipped librarian at The Met’s Costume Institute.

How does she do it? Red velvet cake is crumbled into cream cheese frosting, rolled in chocolate, and dusted with coconut. You can smell them from here!

These balls are bigger than expected. Like fancy munchkins. Imagine whipping those out at a party.

Go on, try to put two in your mouth at once.

The phones are going crazy.

Available online at crunchyjewelsbyjuliele.blogspot.com. For custom orders, e-mail cake@crunchyjewels.com.