Hallmark Pass

Couples that play together stay together.

Romeo & Juliet
Have some preadolescent-style fun with a pillow fight. Prove that home is where the heart is with a Love magazine holder or a blooming heart. Or send your crush an old-school love note. Delight your gigabyte gigolo with a geek-chic tee. Let him know he’s your stud muffin with bull bookends. And give him cheap thrills with this pinup girl wallet.

when i dip, you dip, we dip!

Henry Miller & Anaïs Nin
It’s your one get-out-of-jail-free day of the year, so if the cheese is oozing to come out, send him a Pantygram. Get in the mood for love with caviar and aphrodisiac bonbons. After you’re all sexed out, slip into the coziest of pajamas and treat yourselves to chocolate fondue. If he knows his way around the kitchen, get him stoned with this multipurpose gadget. Real men carry hankies, and this cute set will give him a chuckle, as well as a place to blow his horn.

sparkle, sparkle!Barack & Michelle
Tell her she’s your rock with Winifred Grace’s heirloom-like baubles that won’t break the bank. Get big bling for the buck with a Metalicious ring. Or surprise her with something sentimental from Madame Fortuna. He’ll think of you every time he ogles this nifty U.S. map. And you’ll both unwind with the endless viewing options when you have Netflix at home via Xbox Live or TiVo.

get in my belly!Chuck & Blair

Even traditionalists should skip the roses, unless they’re in the form of a sleek scarf. Opt for a chic fragrance cube with actual staying power instead. And chocolate, schmocolate — tea cakes and petit fours are where it’s at. For him, Four Roses Mariage bourbon will warm his heart and his belly. And a kickass cardigan from Freemans Sporting Club is totally adorable without robbing him of his manhood.