Meet and Greet

Big Sur Meets Helsinki, a tale of romantic smoked fish picnics on the beach.

Big Sur Meets Helsinki, a document of Outward Bounders sloshed on glögi.

Big Sur Meets Helsinki, a debut collection that brings a bit of nature into the modern world. (Ah, that’s more like it.)

Using natural fabrics in Scandinavian-inspired signature prints, designer Lina Rennell cuts basic but very feminine silhouettes that flatter without giving too much away.

Pull your mainland self together with a classic Pacific blue wave blouse, simple gray and gold tent-print skirt, or shell-colored LR dress. Nab a black and gold ikat cat print ’40s style one-piece for a waterside romp.

The line’s more than just clothes: Vegan gray suede moccasins and fringe belts, organic hemp linen visors and sun hats, and everyday totes fit the polished bohemian bill.

There’s no way you’ll be striking out.

Available online at beklina.com. To see styles, go to linarennell.com.