Foot See

Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

According to The Grinberg Method, however, your feet are an even more reliable showcase.

This Swiss treatment — which has just landed (quite literally) in London — is based on the idea that our emotions and physical history show on our feet. After an initial analysis (a little gentle poking) revealing your current mood and state of health, you’ll be taught to reconnect with your body using a combination of touch, breath, movement and physical exercise.

You’ll leave feeling stronger, calmer and more clearheaded. The technique also purports to relieve insomnia, negative patterns and poor concentration.

Sole searching never looked so fun.

Available at Triyoga Soho, Kingly Court, second floor, W1B 5PQ (020 7483 3344 or triyoga.co.uk). For more information, go to grinbergmethod.com.

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Triyoga Soho
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