Winner’s Circle

You nominated. You voted. You have yourselves a winner.

Damien is the champion. The hottest RAMcake in all the land. The Don Juan of the database. Your gigabyte gigolo. (You get the picture.)

Was it his good looks? His understanding of what love is? His genius move of submitting a photo with a puppy? His laid-back California vibe? Probably all of the above.

Runner-up to puppy boy? Main man Corey, the Midwestern multitasker with a stellar sense of style (and soulful eyes that melted our heart).

second best!

three of hearts!

And sliding into third place, dear readers, is Chip, the tall, Southern lumberjack who hopes to save the world with his mad technical skills.

There you have it. Thanks for playing.

And, no, we can’t hand out these lovely boys’ digits.

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