Slipped You a Lickey

Your last date thought he was so slick when you gave your cheek and he went in (anchovy breath and all) for the kiss.

Here’s a Lip Slip you’ll actually be into.

It’s a concoction created by balm and gloss junkie Sara Happ (of The Lip Scrub fame). Happ worked with chemists for two years to achieve her goal: a product that melts into your pucker, bringing out natural color and leaving behind a glossy sheen.

The formula (whose secret ingredients are macadamia nut and jojoba oils) was tweaked more than 40 times until the consistency, texture, and wearability were absolute perfection. The stuff works miracles on hands and cuticles, too, so it really goes all the way.

And won’t get a slap in the face.

Available online at
bluemercury.com and luckyscent.com. For more information, go to sarahapp.com.