Yo Momma So Phat

Dear Mom,

The random, unprovoked e-mail about the risks associated with oral sex was one thing. But the IM convo about how you named the dog after yours truly was just too much.

These gems should go in a book.

And thanks to the founders of PostcardsfromYoMomma.com, they have — along with hundreds of other hilarious mother-to-child e-correspondence — in Love, Mom: Poignant, Goofy, Brilliant Messages from Home.

Judging from the book (which you’ll probably get for Mother’s Day), quotability seems to be a prereq for birthing a babe. Highlights include onset-of-menopause announcements, a disgusting recipe for artichoke dip, and TV recaps (“That Soup Talk has a field day with something called The Hills”).

Don’t worry: Every e-mail and IM convo in the book is completely anonymous.

Though we have a feeling you’ll give yourself away.

Write soon (seriously),

Your Biggest Fan

Available online at amazon.com.

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