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drizzled mini marshmallow crispycake!

Sure, Trix are for kids.

But Rice Krispies? No sane person can resist the deliciousness of the eponymous treats, including Vicki Mate, whose love affair with the marshmallow bars led to her own business.

The Crispery is dedicated to recreating that same gooey taste reminiscent of childhood, and it hits the mark (unlike when the brand itself tried to mass produce them). Crispycakes come in original, as well as graham cracker and chocolate (our hands-down fave), coconut, rainbow sprinkles, peanut butter, and caramel.

They’re all handmade and come in boxes of four, eight, or sixteen.

So hop to, silly rabbit.

Available online at thecrispery.com.

Photo: Courtesy of The Crispery