Girls Gone Wild

There was a time when you felt like hot shit in a Brownie uniform and tons of tranny makeup. (It was badge day, after all.)

For L.A.-based green enthusiasts The Guide Girls, that’s called getting ready for work. The hilariously creepy duo puts on the hot (their word, not ours) for online instructisodes that teach people how to lead more ecofriendly lifestyles.

Winnie and Maxine, as the alter egos like to be called, will give you the play-by-play on composting your garbage, saving bathroom water, and using a clothesline to save energy — in a unique way that only girls from Hopeulikit, Georgia, and Tits, UK, could (seriously, that’s what they told us).

Just take note: Things get cray cray sometimes, starting with an opening shot of Winnie’s badonkadonk. But once you’re addicted, you’ll wanna buy whatever they’re sellin’.

We wouldn’t touch their cookies though.

Available online at theguidegirls.com.