Food & Drink

Say It Ain’t O

Today’s story is brought to you by the letter O.

Prairie Dawn: Organic. Oats. Optimal health. A few words that start with the letter O!

Cookie Monster: [rushing into frame and waving paws in air] And cookies!

PD: No, Cookie. “Cookies” starts with the letter C.

CM: Not tasty O’Cookies, made by SMU grads Erin and Meghann O’Leary! They’re all those things you said and more.

PD: O, really?

CM: Yup. The whole wheaty treats are just 60 calories, low in fat and cholesterol, and made with unrefined sugars and egg whites. The sisters launched their brand in NYC in 2007 and are now making deliveries in Dallas and Plano (but they’ll ship anywhere). The two-bite oat cookies come in dark chocolate raisin, white chocolate cranberry, dark chocolate peanut butter, and a fruit and nuts variety.

PD: O, boy!

Available online at o-cookies.com.