Up Where You Belong

Photos: Daniel Loiselle / Getty Images

You’ve always wanted to join the Mile High Club. But tiny public bathroom plus OCD equals no way.

Here’s your ticket: the new Hotelicopter.

Modeled on a Soviet chopper, the hotel with propellers has eighteen rooms, each equipped with a queen-size bed, minibar and coffeemaker, WiFi, flat-screen TV, and cell reception. Each room has its own loo (use as you wish). And you can order room service (coffee, tea, or me?).

Need to work? There’s a business center. Want to workout? Hit the gym. You can sit in the whirlpool or sauna, get a massage or tan, play blackjack, do yoga, or just contemplate the wonder of it all in the Japanese garden with koi pond.

The inaugural fourteen-day trip leaves JFK on June 26, with stops in the Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

And unlike on that Airbus A320, you can park the airplane in the hangar.

Without worrying about a crash landing.

For more information, go to hotelicopter.com. While you’re up there, you might need some light reading.