Perfect Ten

Score a perfect ten on savings with these plentiful purchases that will run you less than a ten-spot.

Don’t be prickly: Send friends pressies in the form of adorable, colorful cacti.

Or just treat yourself over and over again with the Life Saver “massager.” (Hey, desperate times …)

go socks!

Nothing makes you a happy gal like a great pair of socks.

Bring the outside in with decorative pods that look rich displayed in a bowl.

get in my belly!

Treat yourself to something delicious that will remind you of the good old days. (It’s 50¢ over budget. So kill us.)

Drink your money problems away with the wine of the Japanese gods.

sake to me!

And look legit doing it with this cedar sake cup that looks spenny but costs just ten buckaroos.

A hangover cooling pack on your peepers should ease the pain the morning after.

drink up!

And be sure to stay hydrated with an adorable eco water bottle.

Believe it or not, flossing can be fun! If the thread is flavored like coffee, bacon, or waffles, that is.