In It to Limit

Between work, life, and your insane family, sometimes you just need to adopt the fetal position and stare at the wall.

The least you can do: Pretty up your breakdown with nice art.

Turn to new site Photographers Limited Editions for incredible limited-edition prints by art, fashion, and celebrity shutterbugs around the world.

The site’s Viennese owner/curator handpicks each signed and numbered photograph. Go high fashion with Arthur Elgort’s 1993 image of Kate Moss in Nepal for British Vogue or Roxanne Lowitt’s shot of a kohl-eyed model smoking backstage at a 2003 Dior show. Or keep it real with Ben Watts’s series of an Iowa high school wrestling team.

Expect gallery-level pricing, but there’s also a lovely coffee table book compilation.

Which should help you pull it together.

Available online at photographerslimitededitions.com.

Photo credit: Arthur Elgort