Out of Africa

You were one shot shy of joining the Peace Corps, would never buy conflict diamonds, and bless the rains down there any chance you get.

But when it comes to actual help, Africa can thank you for nothing.

Redeem yourself with Bantu Swimwear. Manufactured entirely in Africa (Ethiopia for now, next up Cameroon), the line started with the idea that jobs, not a percentage of proceeds, make for sustainable improvements and better lives.

The bikinis are reversible with a Brazilian cut, while the haltered onesies leave more to the imagination. Made from trusty Lycra, both come in colorful prints copied from traditional wax cloth fabrics like Bamako (loud olive, magenta, and navy peacock feathers) and Assini (graphic B&W spots with cyan curves).

Either way, you’ll feel like an African queen.

Available online at oaknyc.com. To see styles, go to