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Turn, Turn, Turn

Do you know the tale of the twirling girl,
Whose billowing skirts set her off on a whirl?
One day on a spin she bumped into Saurette,
A premier line of dresses she’ll never forget.

Her heart skipped a beat, took a requisite twist.
She then tried one on — it was hard to resist.
Embroidery, trimmings, and beading by hand,
No wonder these frocks were in such demand.

Fluttering sleeves made of cotton and silk,
Sweeter than cookies and choc-o-late milk.
Made babe skip and turn ’til she saw she was flush.
A wee boho fashion plate found the gold rush.

Available online at mysaurette.net. Enter DAILYCANDY at checkout for 25 percent off your order.

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