Mr. Brightside

You’ve been on the hunt for Mr. Right for 29 years, seven months, and 22 days. (No, you’re not some wacky chick counting minutes, sheesh.)

Well, let us introduce you to Mr. Larkin. He’s got everything you’re looking for. The clothing line is high on style, low on emissions, and totally committed to sustainability. (Seriously: organic cottons, twill made from milk, handmade plant dyes, recycled vintage embellishments, and biodegradable seed paper hang tags that grow delphiniums.)

The pieces are easy breezy. A cropped top with removable necklace, high-waisted shorts with metallic trim, a harem-pant jumpsuit with bow, a shrunken blazer, and a long flowy dress with sequins could take you all the way through summer.

Looks like you’ve met your match.

Available online at shopflick.com. For more information, go to mrlarkin.net.