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We thought some of our pals in Georgia would enjoy Maggie’s Monkeys, a new book by Linda Sanders-Wells about sibling love, loyalty, and imaginary friends. So we sent copies to their tree house book club and listened in.

Here’s what they had to say:

Brittany (age 10): I like how Maggie imagined pink monkeys instead of brown ones.

Camille (6): You can do whatever you want when you’re pretending.

Sage (11): My little brother Roan had this imaginary friend a few years ago named David Brooks. He had a blue Mohawk. I didn’t believe him.

Roan (6): Big sisters don’t play along.

Camille: My big brother ignores me.

Sage: When Maggie’s brother tries to go along with her, Maggie says he isn’t doing it right. That’s so much like my little brother.

Ellis (10): Yeah, siblings want to aggravate you and get on your nerves.

Camille: Well, it’s kind of fun to do that.

Available online at amazon.com or at your local bookstore.

Gather the kids on the block and start your own DailyCandy Kids Book Club. Every month this summer, we’ll select a book and suggest an activity.

Maggie’s Monkeys Activity: Have your book club dream up an imaginary friend. Decide if it’s a boy or girl or a hairy beast. Is he short or tall? What does he like to eat? Have each child write down descriptive words or draw pictures of him.

When the cookies and lemonade run dry, the kids can blame their new make-believe pal.

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