Smoke Out

stop smoking!

9 p.m. BBQ and brewskies with the girls (smell: smoky chipotle).

11:48 p.m. Flaming Jagerbombs at the bar (smell: burnt eyebrows).

1:10 a.m. Light up a cancer stick (smell: cigarettes).

8 a.m. Wake up in stranger’s bed (smell: dirty laundry, and oh god, is that cat piss?).

9 a.m. Arrive at work smelling spectacular — or good enough.

The secret: GoneSmoke. Your collegues will never know you’re skanky when you spray yourself down with the powerful odor eliminator.

Created especially for hair and clothing, the dry aerosol mist is safe for all fabrics, human skin, and hair. But most importantly, it sucks out the stench of cigarettes, cigars, pets, and food on contact.

The pen-size spray is discreet.

So there’s no smoking gun.

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Photo: Getty Images