Fuzzy Logic

You bought a second pair of summer sandals (what if something happened to the first?) rationalized a $300 T-shirt (you’re going to wear it everyday — till eternity). And started a neoprene bikini fund (you never know when there’ll be an open casting for a Bond girl).

One of Gräf & Lantz’s new clutches needs no justification at all.

The felt carryalls come in punchy colors (think pink, yellow, and pistachio) and are lined with vibrant taffeta. The real allure lies in the details: an embossed zebra pattern, four useful pockets, and a jeweled snap to keep contents safe. But the smartest feature is that they are stain- and water-resistant. So if some drunken buffoon spills a drink on yours, you simply blot it away.

At $89 each, it’s tempting to scoop up all three.

But please, practice restraint.

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