The Weekend Guide

This weekend is golden.

Tord Boontje Jewelry

What: The eclectic industrial designer is now making baubles, starting with a dainty, affordable collection of 18-karat gold flowers and animals.
Why: Connect with nature.
Where: Online at gnr8.biz.

Letterpress Frame Mats

What: Make photos stand out with the pretty renewable card stock.
Why: They’re picture perfect.
Where: Online at shop.sycamorestreetpress.com.

The Auteurs

What: New site where you can watch obscure indies and classics (many from the renowned Criterion Collection) and talk to other buffs about them afterward.
Why: Your monitor makes a nice silver screen.
Where: Online at theauteurs.com.

Flip & Tumble

What: Stop using plastic bags once and for all (seriously, folks!) with these versatile totes made of parachute fabric.
Why: Take the leap.
Where: Online at flipandtumble.com.


What: Get it together with help from this digital assistant that makes wake-up calls, reminds you to pay bills, and manages to-do lists.
Why: It’s better than a kick in the rear.
Where: Online at task.fm.