A Bicycle Built for Two (or Three)

madsen bike!

A stroll to the farmers market and you’ve suddenly got your hands full: a fresh suckling pig, a bouquet of flowers, and a ginormous watermelon.

Uh-oh. Looks like you’ve put the cart before the horse.

Make things easy on yourself with a Madsen bike. The new wheels ensure you get your precious cargo where it’s going safely and in style.

Not just about looks (though they are quite fetching), the utilitarian two-wheelers come with either a rack or bucket on the back that can transport up to 600 pounds worth of stuff. After many prototypes and testing, stretching the chassis did the trick to strike the perfect balance while riding.

Go ahead and pick out a cycle on the Interweb. In just four to seven days, it will be delivered, assembled, tuned up, and ready to cruise.

Just the thing to put you back in the saddle.

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Photo: Courtesy of Madsen Cycles