Fight the Good Fight

You were brought up to believe that sticks and stones might break your bones but words would never hurt you.

But by now you should have figured out that gossip is vicious and broken bones hurt. A lot.

Learn to fight back with one-on-one street combat classes at The Mission Personal Training Studios. The one-hour sessions — taught by personal trainer and ex-bodyguard Andy MacDonald and his team — combine martial arts, self defence, Thai boxing and kickboxing, as well as weapon work. Ask nicely and they’ll even film you in action so you can critique your technique.

The best part: fitness training is subtly incorporated, so you won’t realize you’re getting a cardio workout, too.

Which is your kind of sucker punch.

Available at The Mission Personal Training Studios, 1b Rede Place, W2 4TU; 249 Old Brompton Road, SW5 9HP (07806 778278 or themissionltd.com).

The Mission Personal Training Studios & Clinic
249 Old Brompton Rd
London, UK SW5 9HP
The Mission Personal Training Studios & Clinic
1 Rede Pl
London, UK W2 4TU