He's the Man

It’s time to show some B.I.G. love to Poppa.

Dapper dads will proudly wear custom cuff links donning silhouettes of the kids. They’ll go great with a new custom shirt (down to the color of the button thread) that looks expensive but costs around $65. While you’re at it, let him drink in style with a tuxedo flask (no monkey suit required).

he’s no ax murderer!

Indulge his aggressive side in a healthy way with soap knuckles, glycerin that puts the hurt on dirt. And as long as there aren’t any anger management issues, he’ll feel like a big burly man with one of Best Made’s axes — true works of art.

scratch that!

He’s one of those cool rocker dads? A membership to Guitar Affair (think Netflix for string instruments) will be music to his ears. And these turntables are just awesome mcawesome.

carry me home!

Avert the gadget-obsessed from his CrackBerry with this portable DJ system that can get the party started anytime, anywhere. If there’s no use trying to lure him away from the computer, at least protect his peepers from damage with a sleek pair of Gunnar Optiks digital performance glasses. And a satchel will make him look cool even if he isn’t feeling it after a long day at work.

he’s no snake!If he appreciates design, he’ll get a hard-on for carved wood soaps. Or treat him to a snake or horned toad sculpture made of moose antlers. If he’s also got some green genes, he’ll be in eco heaven with this sleek recycling center.

grillin’ ’n’ chillin’!Reward your hunk of meat with, well, a hunk of meat from Robinson’s Prime Reserve, an operation out of Louisville, Kentucky, that, until recently, sold only to top-notch restaurants. And what good is beef without a barbecue to cook it on? He’ll whip up burgers and ribs on the fly with a portable O-Grill. A subscription to the Mac & Cheese of the Month Club is the icing on this culinary cake.

After all, they say the way to a man’s heart is …