The Weekend Guide

You’ve caught the June bug.

Fetty by Justin Tranter
Show off your dark side with necklaces and earrings featuring various weapons and the hearts they’ve damaged. (Don’t worry. They’re subtle enough you won’t freak people out.)
Why: You’re a heartbreaker.
Where: Online at thefetty.com.

Proud Mary

What: New company features jazzy totes, pillows, and coin purses hand-woven in Guatemala. All involved artisans are paid double the average wage for their work.
Why: Don’t swallow your pride.
Where: Online at proudmary.org.

Mercury in Retrograde
Rumor has it the characters in gossip queen Paula Froelich’s delightful first novel are based on some boldfaced NYC names. Don’t go to the beach without it.
Why: Turn the Page Six.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

La Blogotheque

What: French site showcases beautiful music videos starring bands like Fleet Foxes, Beirut, and Sigur Rós. If you don’t know French, don’t worry — just click the video.
Why: It’s music to your eyes.
Where: Online at blogotheque.net.

Madécasse Chocolate

What: Delicious bars from Madagascar are made completely at the source — from bean to bar. For bakers, the vanilla extract is also top-notch.
Why: It’s a jungle out there.
Where: Online at madecasse.com.