Bigger Is Better

Ooh, look: a pretty gold chain with a heart/bird/wishbone dangling from it (ugh, mcgugh).

Let the rest of the followers chase the gold at the end of the rainbow.

You’re going for one of Marquis & Camus’s statement pieces. The line mixes vintage and contemporary to make bold, drool-worthy baubles.

A standout from the Victorian Romance collection features a perfume bottle and mesh rose hanging from a regal blue silk ribbon. A necklace of silk flowers with long, dangling chains is sexy and sweet. Cameos with brass bows dangle delicately from a strand of rhinestones. And our favorite, the Lt. Camus collection, features old patches, medals, and Japanese dominoes on chunky metals.

Each piece is an investment.

But will elicit oohs and aahs for eternity.

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