More than Words

do somethin'!

School’s out. Camp hasn’t started. And the five-day forecast calls for rain, rain, rain. Before the kids go bonkers, get a copy of Let’s Do Nothing, by Tony Fucile. It’s a story of two boys who claim to have done it all and are now attempting to master nothingness.

We sent a copy to our trusty crew in Georgia to see what they thought: nothing or something?

Sage (age 11): This is a good book to act out like a script.

Camille (6): Yeah, let’s do a performance!

Sage: It will be sort of funny to act out doing nothing.

Roan (6): I want to be the tall skinny guy, Sal.

Ellis (11): Then I’ll be the little fat dude, Frankie.

Brittany (10): I’ll read.

(The kids take center stage in the living room and let their imaginations run wild.)

Roan: This is way more fun than just reading a book.

Camille: It’s impossible to do nothing.

Brittany: Right, so let’s go do something!

Available online at amazon.com or at your local bookstore.

Let’s Do Nothing Activities:
Set up a Do Something carnival. Bob for apples. Use sand buckets to create a beanbag toss. Suit up and run through the sprinkler. Make a fort with pillows and sheets. Blindfold each other and give tours of the backyard. So much for having nothing to do.

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