Buy Buy Birdie

You’ve always felt destined for something big. Like Miss America. Or president of the United States. 

Until those naked photos of you and your neighbor acting out scenes from The Secretary showed up on the interweb.

Step away from the point-and-shoot, Annie L., and pick up the new Blackbird, Fly. It’s an old-school twin-lens reflex camera created by a Japanese collective, and it forces you to slow down and take more thoughtful pictures.

Like the neat-o box cameras from the ’20s, it’s got two lenses — one for framing your subject and one for exposing the film (yes, this contraption uses actual 35mm film). It comes in modern colors (red, yellow, orange, hot pink, blue, basic black, or white) and can format images three ways.

So you can get that money shot.

Available online at unicahome.com or freestylephoto.biz. To see styles, go to superheadz.com.