Make a Night of It

sweet dreams!

A growing body needs a good night’s sleep.

But right now there are more homeless children in the U.S. than at any time since the Great Depression; too many are losing precious winks.

San Francisco-based nonprofit Project Night Night gives homeless children around the country a blankie, book, and stuffed animal to help ease some of the stress of shelter living.

How can you help? Choose an affiliated shelter in your city and organize a tote-packing fundraising party. Project Night Night supplies you with totes (they cost $3.50 each); you round up volunteers (moms group, PTA committee, birthday party), secure blankies (new with tags, please), and gather gently used books and plushies (utilize your own overflow) to finish each package.

Or underwrite the cost of a bag by donating $20 online.

And put some fears to rest.

For more information, go to projectnightnight.com.

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