When Pigs Fly

Whenever you board a plane, you hope for a handsome, single seatmate. But on your last flight, a real dog sat next to you.

He had eye boogers and bad breath. His name was Buddy.

If only he’d taken PetAirways, the new pet-only airline that launches next week with weekly routes between L.A., Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, and NYC. Pawsengers (dogs and cats right now; reptiles, birds, pigs, and more to come) get the VIP treatment in the cabin of a turbo-prop Beech aircraft.

Before boarding, pets relax in an airport lounge just for them. They get a bathroom break prior to flight, and an attendant checks in with them every fifteen minutes during their journey. If Mom or Dad can’t pick up right away, they can stay overnight at the lodge.

One-way fares start at $149 and can be booked now.

Sure beats making small talk with a pussy.

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