Painted into a Corner

In this corner, musician/model/Armour Beauty creator Theo Kogan. And in the other corner, makeup artist Mike Potter’s Knock Out cosmetics matte nail polishes in a slew of new unshiny shades like mint Liberty and red Karen.

And the gloves are off.

Kogan’s first to strike. She grabs pink Calamine and gives her nails a one-two coat! She gets a hold of blue Pool, and she’s at it again! Whoa! Kogan goes for purple Ox and slaps on a third double layer. She’s really piling it on.

Potter’s paint takes a breather.

It’s barely dry before Kogan’s back with a remover-dabbed cotton ball. One light swipe and the colors swirl.

The refs are calling it a tie-dye.

Available online at koknockout.com. For more information on Armour Beauty, go to armourbeauty.com.