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Flavor Saver

You’re a big fan of mash-ups (go Broken Social Scene and R. Kelly).

So you’ll scream for Perfect Flavor, a new online ice cream shop that lets you create your own pints.

Begin by choosing a base: mousse, sweet cream, cheesecake (which is actually yogurt), French custard, sorbet, or gelato. Follow by selecting a flavor for the chosen medium: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, or caramel.

Now comes the fun where you get to pick from a plethora of artisanal mix-ins. (Note: Choose wisely as you are committed to four pints of the concoction.) Options range from sweet (shortbread, cookie dough) to savory (ginger, rosemary) to herbal (lavender, cayenne pepper) to fruity (cherry, raspberry) to nutty (poppy seeds, malt).

Finish by naming your genius invention.

For which you could become famous.

Available online at perfectflavor.com.