You're a Doll

chloe in style dolls!

Your daughter loves to play Extreme Makeover with her dolls.

But just ask Barbie how she feels about her Bic eyeliner, Magic Marker blush, and hot new mullet.

Harness Little Miss Creativity before she defaces any other property with a custom handcrafted doll. Crafted by a mom, the toys recall a simpler time — when playtime meant using your imagination (and not your arsenal of art supplies).

Made of a heavyweight, super-soft French terry spun from bamboo and organic cotton, the dolls are stuffed with Canadian wool (that won’t collect dust mites). Facial features are hand-sewn with embroidery floss; clothes are made from vintage dead stock fabrics.

The heavy stitching will be done, but kids get to choose the outfit, eye color, freckles (or not), hair color, hair length, and skin tone.

Kind of like being her skipper.

Available online at chloeinstyle.com.

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