Getting Down to Business

Judging from your SEO analytics, Excel spreadsheets, and flash flowcharts, research shows you mean business.

So does Coye Nokes. Just get a load of her debut collection of no-nonsense footwear.

When she couldn’t find business-appropriate kicks that didn’t pinch her toes, she set out to make them herself.

The result is a collection of sleek styles in various heights that is as comfy as it is classy. Black suede and leather ankle booties all but guarantee you’ll close the deal. Faux crocodile pumps command serious attention. And patent Mary Janes show off your shining star capabilities.

Each pair is handcrafted by artisans in Italy, so they’re worth the semi-hefty price tag.

PowerPoint made.

Available online at coyenokes.com. DailyCandy readers get 20 percent off orders made today. Enter code COYENOKES at checkout.