Amelia Hair-Art

amelia santiago!

You know when you find something simultaneously amazing and revolting? Like The Bachelorette. Or cocaine.

You’ll have the same reaction to Amelia Santiago’s wool pet sculptures. Using needle felting (a barbed needle pushes and pulls the fibers together to make a solid form), Santiago creates a masterpiece of your dog, cat, bunny, or horse that is equal parts awesome and creepy — and miles away from cutesy.

Send her photos of Muffy — include close-ups of face, feet, tail and markings as well as profile shots, and she will get to work. Small dogs come in at six by eight inches; large ones are nine by eleven.

Pricing is based on size and type of coat/fur. But keep in mind she can make only two to three sculptures a week, so plan ahead if you don’t want to miss Muffy’s birthday.

That would really blow.

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