Food & Drink

The Weekend Guide

Clean up your act.

Izo Juice Feast
Detox your system with the cleanse that now delivers its fresh, organic blends nationwide.
Why: It’s about time you do some vegging out.
Where: Online at izocleanze.com.

Uptown Soap Co.
The Harlem-based company’s two-sided soaps come in scents like chocolate/mint and vanilla/pear — and they’re all created with high-quality oils and glycerin.
Why: You’re an uptown girl.
Where: Online at uptownsoap.com.

An E-mail to Your Future Self
Compose a little note to the person you know best (yourself) and the website will send it back to you as late as 2037.
Why: Don’t let the past haunt you.
Where: Online at futureme.org.

Veggie, Fruit, and Herb Guides

What: Consult these handy food wheels next time you wanna know if something’s in season. The herb version even tells you which parts are edible and lists preservation methods.
Why: You’re a food groupie.
Where: Online at chewonthis.org.

Frankie’s Fruit & Chocolate

What: Li’l Rhody-based candy company makes chocolate-dipped mangoes, pineapples, apricots, and — our fave — bananas.
Why: Now dip, baby, dip.
Where: Online at frankiesfruitandchocolate.com.

Origami Sticky Notes

What: Impress your coworkers by turning your little memos into pigs, cranes, butterflies, and squirrels. Instructions included on every pad.
Why: You know when to fold ’em.
Where: Online at delight.com.