Get a Mou-ve On

mou footwear!
Photos: Courtesy of Mou

You’re too good to be just another sheep in the fashion flock.

So stop saying bah and start saying Mou. The UK-based line of furry footwear is a fresh alternative to Uggs.

Before you have a cow, the fur used is ethically sourced. And while there are styles sans hair, the fuzz is where it’s at.

The blonde goatskin ankle boots are our fave with the calfskin slippers as a close second. Lined with wool or sheepskin, they’ll keep your tootsies nice and warm in the winter.

You’ll have to order them from England, as they’re not readily available in the U.S. just yet.

But at least you’ll be leading the stampede.

Available online at

Photo: Courtesy of Mou