Well Healed

jo bowlby!

The housing boom. Today’s weather. Susan Boyle.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

Take Jo Bowlby. The former literary agent turned shamanic healer swapped editing for ayahuasca four years ago and now practices full-time from a smart South Kensington space.

With more than twenty years’ training in spiritual and nonspiritual disciplines, Bowlby — who received the full rites of the Inca shaman elders in Peru — incorporates everything from energy clearing to soul retrieval in her sessions.

After a half hour of spiritual counselling, you lie back while she works with rattles, crystals and her hands, leaving you connected and clearheaded. She’ll also suggest simple practices to remove negative energy from your daily life, like meditations, sea salt baths and opening windows.

Forget cloaks and scary old witch women. Bowlby is young, hip and pretty funny.

You might even call her the shaman around town.

Jo Bowlby (07528 198681 or jo@jobowlby.com)

Photo: Celia Rogge / Courtesy of Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Counseling