Cloak of Many Colors

lindsey thornburg!

There’s no denying that vampires and wizards are having their moment (a long one, at that).

And even if that whole magical fantasy world isn’t your thing, you’ll go bizonkers for Lindsey Thornburg’s bespoke cloaks.

Vastly different from the uniforms at Medieval Times, the pieces are dramatic without being costumey. Thornburg sources fabric (some vintage, some not) and utilizes production at her home base, NYC, keeping things local.

Avail in full, mid, and mini, the capes are all limited edition, so each one is a work of art (and priced as such at a whopping $900). Other than just being fabulous, they’re great for hiding a few extra pounds or going incognito.

Call it your own cloak of invisibility.

Available online at
lindseythornburg.com. DailyCandy readers get 20% off thru September 20. Enter code dccloaks at checkout.

Photo: Olivia Malone / Courtesy of Lindsey Thornburg