It's a Sign

bulbul barrett!

Good advice is hard to come by. (Mum: too emotional; therapist: too expensive; BFF: too insane.)

Invite Bulbul Barrett ’round and she’ll tell it like it is.

The half-Indian Vedic astrologer left her job as a stockbroker five years ago to pursue a lifelong passion for the stars, studying at the British Association for Vedic Astrology and with renowned professor Jaya Sekhar in Bangalore.

Give her your date, place and exact time of birth, and she’ll draw up your chart and interpret it around questions related to relationships, career or anything else. Barrett believes what is written is your karma, but if it seems you were a little Dr. Evil in a past life (or earlier in this one), she gives tips on repairing things (try a chant, do some charity work).

Thank your lucky stars.

Bulbul Barrett (07950 701129 or bulbul.barrett@gmail.com).

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