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coffee stencil!

We’ll give you a topic.

The cup of muddy joe in front of you is neither mud nor from Joe.

Discuss using Coffeestencils, of course.

The transparent plastic creations are like buttah, taking the enjoyment of your morning java to a whole new level. Just take a latte or a cappuccino, place the stencil on top of the cup, use a sieve to sift chocolate or cinnamon powder atop the foam, and then talk amongst yourselves.

Okay, let’s go to the phones. The number is 555-4444.

Oh, we’ve got a schmuck looking for a creative way to pop the question to his shiksa. Hello, make a custom stencil, people.

Give a call, we’ll talk, no big whoop.

Available online at

Image: Courtesy of Coffeestencil